When Will We See a 4k Nintendo Switch?

I desperately want to buy a Nintendo Switch, but can’t bring myself to buy one yet because it doesn’t support 4k televisions. I had held off purchasing one, because I felt confident the new console they were releasing was going to be the Switch Pro or Switch 2 or something supporting 4k.

Obviously I was wrong. Instead we got the Switch Lite.

So when will we see 4k support for Switch games?

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I’d love to see this too.

The Switch Lite doesn’t really do anything for me as I don’t really play mobile games. I’d love to see them ditch the screen and build a more powerful Switch—a console that works with 4k.

I’m sure we’ll see it at some point. It’s probably a 18 months away at best.

I feel like we’re not going to see a console switch. Everything is moving mobile. More kids today probably associate iPhone or iPad with gaming more than Xbox or PlayStation. I could be wrong though.

Dwayne, I hope you’re wrong. But I’m afraid you might be right.