Where is the Consumer Reports forums login page?

What happened to the Consumer Reports forum? I can’t seem to find the login page.

They used to have a forum where you could ask questions to other CR members. Is that gone or am I just having a difficult time finding the login page or the website?

The forums used to be at forums.consumerreports.org, but the thing keeps redirecting me to the about page.

You’re not going to find a login page for the consumer reports forum because they scrapped it. It’s all just articles now with facebook comments. For such a trusted brand, cr has been managed disastrously.

It’s been nothing but downhill for cr the last few years. I used consumer reports build & buy service to research buying my last car. It wasn’t particularly helpful and you have to give out your phone number. All it does is show you some additional fees based on your configuration. Then they give dealers in your area your phone number. I got these pestering calls from dealers FOR WEEKS. It was infuriating!

Much like you I stumbled upon this site hoping that it was an alternative to the consumer reports forum. Nothing against sam, but it isn’t the same. The site is small and doesn’t have a lot of active members.