Who makes the best Eames Lounge Chair replica?

Who makes the best Eames lounge chair replica?

I’ve spent the last month searching reddit and houzz, but it seems like all the suppliers are just selling cheap chairs manufactured from the same place in China. Look at this one on amazon. The seller just photoshopped the chair into a random photo. The proportions aren’t even right!

I honestly don’t care where it’s from, but I do care about quality and I want real leather. Does anyone here have one they like?

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Hey @daybreaker, welcome to Product Dork!

I split your post into a new topic, because I thought it was a strong enough comment to stand on it’s own.

I am also curious about what replicas people have purchased. I don’t have space for an Eames Lounge Chair in my place now, but have done some research in the past. Hopefully, someone here can point you in the right direction!

If you’re actually looking for an answer here, in my opinion it’s Charlton & Company, followed by plycraft, with selig a close 3rd. plycraft and selig took more creative liberties with bases and chair shape rather than straight up knock off the HM eames, but they are really neat in their own way. They all made decently high quality replicas during the same era eames loungers really took off, and there are still a bunch around 50ish years later that are in great shape.

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