Why I Avoid "Smart Shit"

Not to rag on Owen, but this is part of the reason I have avoided all of the IoT gadgetry. This makes things so much more complicated than it needs to be.

All these things add a significant amount of complexity for relatively little value.

To elaborate on my response. I think there’s could be a decent implementation of many smart home devices. We’re just not there yet.

Consider the Phillips Hue lights. Most of the time you aren’t worried about settings. You just want to turn your lights on or off. You walk into a room and there’s a little bubble that appears on the side of your phone. That bubble contains all the devices in your proximity. Tapping it opens a menu with a handful of quick settings.

Maybe I’ll do a little design exercise on it.

It looks like he replied to that tweet with something similar to what you’re talking about. Maybe not something determined by proximity, but this looks pretty organized to me.

That’s not too far of from what I was thinking…

Any post about IoT should have our robot vacuum discussion pinned to it.

At least you know where I’m coming from :slight_smile:

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