Apple introduces AirPods Max

A little something for you Apple fanatics.

Not sure I’m spending $500+ on a set of headphones regardless of who makes them.

Curious how these compare to some of the higher-end Sennheiser and B&O headphones.

These are pretty slick looking—I’d expect nothing less from Apple.

I think the big thing for most people will not be the audio quality, but to switch audio seamlessly between your iPhone, iPad and Mac. If you’re already that deep into Apple’s ecosystem a $549 headset is probably not something you’d hesitate about.

For what it’s worth I’ve been surprised by how well my Jabra earbuds switch between my Mac and my Google Pixel. I’d expect the AirPods Max to be perfect though.

How has Apple become so terrible at naming things?

Maybe it’s just me, but they should have called these AirPads or AirAudio. These are not pods at all and I cringe whenever they add Max to a product line. For a high-end consumer tech company, they sound like they are naming men’s razors.

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Absolutely agree. Some of Apple’s recent names have been terrible.