Atoms vs Allbirds Sneakers?

Does anyone here own a pair of Atoms? How do they compare to Allbirds?

I’ve got a pair of Allbirds, which I love. They are super comfortable, but after 6 months they are really starting to wear. Part of me wants to buy another, pair but the price is pretty steep for something that won’t last a year.

Atoms are a little more expensive, but if they have the same level of comfort and will last a year, I’m fine paying a bit more.

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Interesting. I haven’t heard of Atoms before, but the shoes appear to differentiate from Allbirds based on comfort and longevity.

Comparing the main models:

I own a pair of Allbirds that are about a year old. I love them, but they do start to look a little worn after about 6 months. It could be worth it. I don’t like the aesthetics of the Model 000 as much as the Wool Runner. But if it lasts longer, it could be a good purchase.

Maybe I’ll buy a pair and compare them?


OK, I decided to order this pair.

Will post some screenshots when they get here.

Thanks for the response

I think I might stick with Allbirds for now. I think the tree runners might last a little longer than the wool ones.

Curious to hear how the Atoms are though.

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I’m a few days late. My new Atoms arrived.

I took the quiz to see what size shoe I should get and it recommended I pickup an 11.5. After walking around for a bit in them, I think that might be a little big. I’m going to return them for an 11.25—it’s pretty cool that I can order quarter sizes.

Here’s a few shots of the Model 000 in Black and White. Think I’m going to get the All Black pair when I return them. I’m not sure how well that white sole will age.

The shoe box for Atoms are pretty cool. They are magnetic and split open in the middle. I also like the big numbers on the side. I think they represent the sizes since Atoms does quarter sizes.

Also, they sent me a complimentary pair of socks. It’s a pretty nice bonus!

Will post some pictures of the black Model 000 when they arrive. If you’re interested in a pair for yourself, use my Atoms promo code and get 10% off.


Thanks @Sam! This is Paul @Atoms, we would love to hear how things go for you with the shoes. Let us know any feedback through everyday wear.

Does anyone else wear Atoms that may have also owned Allbirds in the past? Would love to hear your take on our shoes in general, and how they might compare.

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I have a couple of pairs of both and, to me, they’re actually really different.

I like the Allbird wool runners for regular day-use. They’re super comfortable and more durable than they look, but the toe box just caved in (my friend Tom says the same happened with his) so after a while it looks like the structure of the wool just broke down and the front lays on your toes. I can see the outline of my foot in the front.

I also have a pair of tree loungers and they are hands down the best house-shoe and bed slipper I’ve ever had. They are also super comfortable and easy to slip on and off. They are also great for travel since they fold up to almost nothing in your roll aboard and they’re great to wear on overnight flights.

My model 000 Atoms are more like actual shoes in that they have more structure, but the material is very breathable and incredibly light. It also has a structured heel in it and I haven’t noticed any collapse in the front like the Allbirds. The stretchy laces make it easy to pull them on and off, and they honestly look great on. I have a pair of the black with white sole and a pair of the all black.

All in, I have over 20 pairs of shoes for work, casual, and special use. Of all of them I probably wear the Atoms about 80% of the time during the day and the Allbird Tree Loungers at night all the time. I suppose if I had to go to just one pair of shoes it would be the Atoms. The Allbird wool runners looked good for the first few months and they’re very comfortable, but after they caved in I stopped wearing them except around the house.

So after all that, despite any price difference, advantage Atoms.

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I was looking at all birds because a few friends have them and love the shoes.

I wanted all-black and all birds has dark gray/black, but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. So I decided to pick up a pair of Atoms instead.

Anyways, my atoms have been a pretty good causal shoe thus far. I wouldn’t go running with it, but I love the look.