Buy a security camera instead of a pet camera

Thought this was interesting considering some of the complaints posted on Product Notes about Furbo’s subscription bait and switch. Basically, the recommendation is to use this

The TL;DR is buy this cheap Eufy camera instead.

The Eufy 2K Indoor Cam captures sharp images, offers four options for storage, and costs only $40. It can also distinguish between people, pets, and general motion, so you’ll know who is getting comfy on the couch. If that happens to be activity you want to discourage, the Pet Command feature allows you to use the app to label an activity zone (say, the back of the couch) and have the device play an automated or customized response whenever someone or something crosses the line. It also allows you to record footage for free to a microSD card or NAS (and offers the option of continuous recording locally) or to use your iCloud storage with Apple HomeKit Secure Video; alternatively, you can pay a monthly fee for Eufy Cloud Service ($3 per month or $30 per year for 30 days of storage for one camera, and $10 per month or $100 per year for up to 10 cameras).