Casper's Glow Light Has No Buttons

I’m surprised that Casper’s Glow Light hasn’t made it here yet. So everyone knows that Casper is the company that made internet mattresses famous. They just launched this interesting bedside lamp.

There are no buttons on the light. Everything is gestures-based.

  • Flip light over to turn on/off
  • Twist to adjust brightness
  • Wiggle for low light

There’s also an app that allows pairing multiple Glow Lights. So adjusting the brightness for one, also adjusts the other. Anyways there’s a ton of stuff about it on Casper’s website. It’s worth checking out.

Good post! I remember seeing my friend Luke post about this on Twitter.

I’m not generally into IoT devices, but I love the thought that went into this. It is kind of like a modern candle. The low-light wiggle motion apparently only turns on the candle being shook.

Here are some photos he took. Think that thread is worth checking out.

It’s a cool product that I’d love to play around with. After my rant about IoT vacuums, I can’t commit to purchasing this thing lol.

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