What is the best foam mattress?

I’m looking for a memory foam type mattress. What do you recommend and what was the price point? Any tips for discounts or coupons while we are at it?

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@jennifer.lucas I decided to purchase a new mattress when I moved back in early 2015 and did a ton of research. I knew I wanted to get rid of box springs and move to a memory foam mattress. However, there were only a couple of companies in the space—Casper, Leesa and Tuft & Needle.

At the time I knew several people that had purchased Casper mattresses and raved about it. From my research both the Casper and Leesa mattresses had the highest reviews and were mostly similar. The only difference I found was that the Leesa was slightly more expensive and that it was a little cooler than the Casper.

Eventually I found a coupon for Leesa that brought queen-sized mattresses down to about $750—It’s one of the best purchases I’ve made. Three years and two apartments later I still love it and can’t imagine going back to anything with a box spring.

The mattress space has more competitive though. It appears everyone realized how terrible and overpriced other mattresses were. Companies like Purple and Zinus didn’t exist when I was shopping before and would be worth researching.

Also, it appears that The Wirecutter has an exclusive deal on the Leesa. It takes the Queen down to $835.

That’s more than I paid for mine, but I think the prices have gone up in the last few years.

I have friends that own a Leesa, Casper and Purple mattress. FWIW I couldn’t tell much of a difference for the few minutes I laid on them. They are all pretty good and pretty affordable compared to traditional mattresses.

I did end up purchasing a Leesa mainly because they also had a deal that made it more affordable than the Casper mattress. My wife and I have been happy with it for the last year or so.

I :heart: my Leesa mattress.

Mine’s one of the originals and got it for about $750 as well. I think if you wait you find it for less than $800. I’ve had it for about two years, so not sure if the price has increased or not.

If you don’t need a mattress immediately, it might be worth waiting.

Has anyone tried the Tulo Mattresses? The Wirecutter reviewed their main mattress, but it looks like they have a newer, cheaper one called the Tulo Liv.

I haven’t, but my girlfriend is looking at getting a new mattress and the Tulo looks like it could be a good option. She’s got a traditional old mattress and is considering moving to a memory foam one.

Also that’s a pretty good sale on both the Liv and original Tulo mattresses. Think that’s worth posting to #deals.

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