LG WM4000H washing machine and LG DLEX4000W dryer

I’ve owned a handful of LG Washing Machines and Dryers over the last couple of years. I can easily say that the LG WM4000H and DLEX4000W are the best I’ve ever owned.

As a whole they have been quiet, efficient and easy to use. The machines are easy on delegates, while they thoroughly clean big messes. Additionally, the machines have been a significant capacity upgrade. I can probably fit twice as many clothes in these machines as my previous one.


LG WM4000H

An exceptional washing machine

A quiet, large capacity washing machine that can be gentle with delicates and strong on dirt and mud.



The pairing dryer with a handy steam function

The matching dryer comes with a handy steam function that quickly removes wrinkles. It's a life saver.

My history with LG washers and dryers

When I bought my condo several years ago it came with a 15 year old Kenmore washer dryer tower. Initially, I did not realize the low drying setting didn’t work and shrank about a quarter of my clothes. After I realized what was happening I simply air dried shirts or adjusted the timer accordingly.

When my girlfriend moved in with me in early 2020, I purchased an LG Washer (WM3900H) and it’s dryer (DLEX3900W) counterpart. Thank goodness we got it when we did. It arrived in mid-march, just before lockdowns began. It was a life saver.

This summer I purchased a house that came with another old washer and dryer combo. I had hoped that we could make it until Black Friday to get a new washer and dryer. However, after it took our comforter 4 hours on high to dry (after shrinking a couple inches), we decided to get another set of LGs.

The good

Both machines are exceptionally quiet. The older machines I had squeaked and rattled—especially when I ran larger loads. There’s none of that with these machines. Our laundry room is directly below our bedroom in the basement and even if you listen carefully you can’t hear these machines at all.

Gentle with delicates. Ever since the pandemic started, my girlfriend and I have leaned into athleisure wear. The caveat with a lot of these clothes is they will shrink significantly on normal washer and dryer settings. The washer is easy with the clothes and the dryer gets the clothes dry with very low heat.

On the other hand the machines clean thoroughly. In October we fostered two puppies, Munchie and Mangia, that initially had Parvo. This meant that they could not go to the bathroom outside for a couple of weeks. Every morning (and most evenings) involved cleaning up poop disasters and a lot of pee. A couple times a day we ran the washer’s sanitary setting and towels and blankets came out sparkling. I would say, we would have been in deep trouble had we not decided to get a new washer and dryer.

The washer and dryer have significant capacity—4.5 cu ft and 7.4 cu ft respectively. It’s honestly more room than enough room for me, my girlfriend and our dog. It should be completely adequate for a small family.

The Washer’s sensors—LG calls it AI, I am not sure that is an appropriate name. But on normal cycles the machine does sense fabric texture and load size before starting and then adjusts the cycle and temperature based on that.

Timing delays. This is a common feature on a lot of newer machines, but it is really useful to prevent clothes from smelling like mildew. I can put clothes in the wash and set a delay for 6 hours. In the morning I get up and switch the load.

The dryer’s steam setting is a nice bonus. Throw wrinkled shirts in for a couple minutes and have them come out fresh and without wrinkles. I’m not wearing as many button down shirts these days, but it is sill a fantastic feature.

Both machines have WiFi connectivity. I’ve never used it—either with the 3900 series in my condo or the 4000 series with the house. I don’t really like most IoT devices, but if that is your thing, these machines have it. You can access it through the LG ThinQ app.

The dryer has a gas option for about $100 more. If gas is cheap or you already have a hookup in your laundry room, that might be a more cost effective option.

These machines are currently the Wirecutter’s pick for best washing machine and matching dryer. If you don’t trust my opinion, maybe that’s worth something.

The bad

You can’t swap door directions on these machines. Unless you want to have them bang against each other the washer must be to the left of the dryer. Luckily the hoses were long enough in our laundry room to swap the machines. Something to be careful about.

The control panel can be difficult to see in dim lighting. Text on the display is small and not backlit, which can make it difficult to read. This was occasionally an issue in our condo where the lighting wasn’t great. It hasn’t been a problem in our house at all as we have overhead lighting in the laundry room.

Price—these machines were expensive. I paid about 20 percent more for this LG washer and dryer despite them being almost identical to the LG 3900. That is a lot considering how much they cost to begin with. I suppose large appliances is one place inflation has really shown up.

Shipping delays—we waited about two months to receive ours. I suspect this will subside over the next year as supply chains get ramped up again. I don’t think it says anything about LG as a brand or the washer and dryer per say.

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