Looking for a no-show sock that actually stays on

I’ve gone through a couple of different no-show sock brands. It seems like all of them are constantly falling off of my heels—even the ones with the rubber material on the heels.

Does anyone here have any recommendations?

Personally, I’ve never been satisfied with no-show socks.

I’ve purchased a couple of pairs of Ninja Sox with the last few discounts they’ve had. They’ve been adequate. Occasionally I still loose them in my shoes though.

They are hidden with my boat shoes as well as sneakers like my New Balance 288s. A lot of no-show socks won’t work with boat shoes.

Anecdotally, I do think rubber or gel heels make a good bit of difference.,

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I hear ya. Will give ninjasox a shot.

I’ve still been using Ninja Sox, but would welcome any alternatives.