On Google Fi, switching to iPhone—What are my options?

I currently own a Pixel 3, which has been great for the last 2.5 years. I had been considering upgrading to the Pixel 5, but I received an Apple Watch as a gift this year. This is making me reconsider staying on Android. I’m strongly leaning towards an iPhone 12 Pro. The one thing I can’t get past is how awesome and affordable Google Fi, Google’s wireless plan has been. I’d like to find an alternative that will work with an iPhone.

So far it seems like my best bets for switching are Verizon’s 5GB plan, or Visible. Does anyone have these wireless plans? What other plans should I consider?

Following up here—I’ve decided to go with Visible as my carrier. A few reasons:

  • $40 per month is pretty close to what I pay on Google Fi
  • Unlimited Data I don’t use a ton, but it’s a great deal for unlimited data
  • Verizon’s Network Great coverage wherever I go
  • 5G Service Atlanta is one of the cities where Verizon has built 5G.

So far I’m a pretty big fan. They do have to mail you a SIM card, which was overnighted. Once I got the card, I installed the Visible app and was set up in a few minutes. I do feel like 5G might be more marketing than anything else. It’s difficult to tell if it’s actually faster than 4G LTE—it all feels fast.

I also want to give a shoutout to Google Fi. That was the easiest internet or cell service I’ve ever left. I didn’t have to get on the phone with anyone and could do it in a couple clicks. They even have a wizard that’s titled “Let’s help you transfer your phone service.”

If I ever decide to go back to an Android phone or Google Fi gets better support for iOS, I’ll seriously consider going back.