Storing Catan Extensions and Expansions?

Thought I’d post a new topic branching from the Catan Expansion Buying Guide.

I recently bought the 5-6 Player extension for the base Catan game. However, I’m unsure of the best way to store the extension pieces. Most of the parts are almost identical. I want to be able to avoid sifting through cards and tiles when I only want to play with 3-4 players.

I suppose I could take the base game insert out and put them in the main box, but I don’t want all the cards sliding around.

What do you do in this situation? Thank you for any insight you can provide!

No bites?

Well, I’m still exploring this. It looks like the options are either a custom box or some sort of insert for the base game. Most of the boxes are designed to hold several expansions. I don’t think that’s something I need. I just want to consolidate the base Catan game.

@aharris, any thoughts?

OK, I’ve caved. Just mixing all the pieces together in the main box. It’s a bit of a tight squeeze for the hex tiles and cards. It’s good enough though.