Product Dork's Top Purchases October 2019

Trying something new.

I have some data on what members are buying and thought I might share it. If people find this interesting, perhaps I’ll make this a recurring post.

Here are some of the top products Product Dork Member’s purchased in October:

1. Dorco Pace 6 Pro

Dorco Pace 6 Pro

An alternative to Dollar Shave Club's Executive razor

This is essentially the same blade as Dollar Shave Club's most expensive razor, The Executive. It contains 6 blades and single trimmer blade.

One of the most-read articles on Product Dork is our shave club review. My verdict was that while each club has its strengths, it’s not something I want a subscription for.

However, I did like Dollar Shave Club’s blades. The good news is those exact same blades are manufactured by Dorco and can be purchased on Amazon. The Dorco Pace 6 is almost identical to the Dollar Shave Club Executive razor.

2. Away Luggage


Away Aluminum Edition

Beautiful, functional luggage

The Aluminum line takes the practicality of Away's luggage and adds a touch of sophistication—for a price. The timeless look at lifetime warranty make this bag truly buy-it-for-life.

Away doesn’t give details on what items are sold, only when a sale is made. So I’m not entirely sure what item is being purchased. My guess is it is probably their Bigger Carry-on. While I reviewed the Aluminum Edition and love it, I think most people would find the polycarbonate one a much better value.

Away has also appeared in a few other discussions: $20 Off Away Luggage with Promo Code and Away Carry-on Steel Edition.



A top-recommended USB-C hub

Since 2016 Apple's Macbook Pro only contains USB-C ports. While more products connect via USB-C, there's still plenty of things that need USB-A ports. The VAVA also contains an HDMI, SD Card and eathernet port.

Another consistent top pick, the VAVA USB-C hub is a great solution to those who miss their Macbook Pro ports. This particular hub was recommended in our discussion about Logitech’s Unifying Receiver. It has more ports and is less expensive than the equivalent Apple dongle.

4. Coway Airmega 400

Coway Airmega 400

The best air purifier for very large spaces

Larger and more powerful than the Airmega 300, the Airmega 400 is ideal for spaces 1,200 sq ft or larger. Think very large rooms and open office spaces.

The Coway Airmega tends to be one of the top ticket items on Product Dork each month. What’s interesting is that this month the Airmega 400 was purchased much more than the Airmega 300. I think part of that is the Airmega 400 has been on sale for most of this month. It’s been priced almost as low as the 300.

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5. Catan Seafarers Expansion

Catan Seafarers Expansion

The best first expansion for most players

The Seafarers expansion adds new islands, shipping lanes, pirates and a new tile type. It adds a few more elements to the original game, without changing play significantly.

There are a surprising number of threads about Catan on Product Dork. However, there are relatively few purchases of board games in the report. Something changed this month and the Seafarers Expansion became one of our top purchases.

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