What's the difference between Logitech's MX Master 3 vs MX Master 3 for Mac?

So, it looks like they added a MX 3 “for mac” but it’s really just a regular MX 3 without a unifying reciever option and you’re limited to bluetooth. Has anyone tried this? Is the bluetooth better than the last versions? Because mine always lagged to much to be useful. I’m assuming that’s why we all wanted a USB-c Unifying receiver.

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Bluetooth still sucks compared to logi’s unifying receiver. Still laggy and jumpy.

And Logitech still refuses to make a USB-C version of their Unifying Receiver, so Mac users still need to use cumbersome dongles.

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In an effort to provide a concise answer to this question—the MX Master 3 for Mac has an additional button that enables some MacOS trackpad gestures. The mouse trim color matches the space gray of mac computers. It uses Bluetooth and does not come with a USB receiver.

Other than that there is little difference between the normal mx master 3 and mx master 3 for mac.

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tbh, I’m not crazy about the colors for the Mac version. I like the solid colors that the regular mx has.