BirdOne Scooter Pre-Sale

Just incase you’re looking to drop $1,300 on a scooter, Bird is now offering their BirdOne scooters for purchase. It includes Bird Service Center and a Free Rides Package, although I’m unsure what those mean.

Also, I’ve posted the scooter specs below.

Battery 12800 mAh, 473.6 Wh
Battery Charge Time 4-6 Hours
Range Up to 30 mi
Charging Fast charge port
App iOS and Android
Firmware Over-the-Air updates
Connectivity Bluetooth and cellular
Anti-theft GPS-enabled
Lock Digital security
Splash Resistant IP67 water-resistant
Lights Automatic front and rear LEDs, 30-40 lumens
Neck Durable and fixed
Braking Regenerative front motor brake, rear drum brake
Wheels 9" Semi solid pneumatic
Top Speed 18 mph
Hill Grade 15% grade
Weight Limit 220 lbs
Length 43.2"
Width 18.25"
Height 46.80"
Weight 38.6 lbs

I’m curious what the go-to market strategy is here?

From the specs alone this design clearly advantageous for commercial use—at the expense of consumer features. No consumer needs a 30-mile range. Also most won’t want a fixed neck. It’s going to be a pain if you can’t fold it down when you get home or get on the train.

And then there’s the price $1,299 seems outrageously expensive when the better consumer options—from Segway and such are in the $500-to-$800 range. There are e-bikes cheaper and better suited for most consumers.

Even the high-end Van Moof e-bikes aren’t too much farther away in price.

Yeah, doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I’m not the buyer though. Most of the people living in Silicon Valley could probably find $1,299 by rummaging around in their couch.