Quip All-Black Toothbrush

This might bee the coolest-looking toothbrush out there.

Anyone who listens to podcasts has certainly heard of Quip, the subscription toothbrush company. I am in the market for a new toothbrush and stumbled upon this All-Black model they have. I like how the Quip logo is a glossy black on the matte metal toothbrush.

The all-black base costs $15 more than the regular metal bases. I am unsure if the replacement toothbrush heads are also black. I emailed support, but haven’t heard back.

Update: If you order the all-black toothbrush, you’ll receive black replacement brush heads.

If you purchase the all-black edition quip with a subscription refill plan, the refills that you receive will be all-black as well.

Anyways, if it looks interesting, you and I both get $5 in credits when you signup below. It should automatically apply the Quip coupon code.

Think I’d feel dirty brushing my teeth with something black. Not sure who’d pay $15 more for that luxury.