Recommendations: A new category for product recommendations

First of all, I want to thank all of you who come here and post and contribute to the community. Even those of you who have just joined have made an impact. It’s fun to wake up in the morning and see people asking and responding to questions.

I have noticed a specific type of post that pops up in the Questions category—people are looking for product recommendations from the community. It doesn’t belong in questions because there isn’t a definitive answer. How to tell if an Eames Lounge chair is fake and Why isn’t my Pixel Stand charging? have definitive answers.

What’s the best coffee grinder and Looking for a shower caddy that won’t rust on the other hand don’t belong under Questions, because the answers will be more subjective.

Because of this I’m adding a new category, Recommendations Wanted. This is the place you’ll go to ask for recommendations.

Some final notes:

  • If you have notifications about me editing posts, that is just me recategorizing some topics.
  • Reviews will stay the same.
  • I’ve removed the lists Lists category. Those topics can either go under Reviews or General.

Let me know what you think!

Makes sense to me!

BTW, I think I found the ladder you were looking for. Or a close alternative.

I like the idea of a recommendations category. However, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t add solvable answers like Questions?

The solved feature with the green checks should be for things where there is a definitive solution. With many of these recommendations, there isn’t usually a definitive solution—maybe someone went with a recommendation or maybe they bought something entirely different.

I suppose that is fair.