Why is my Google Pixel Stand charging slowly?

I was evaluating purchasing a second charger for my Pixel 3. Instead I decided to pay $30 more and pick up the Pixel Stand. Considering that I usually charge my phone at my desk, I thought the stand might be a more aesthetic alternative.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the phone never completely charges. It will be at 30% and say charging rapidly (1 hr until full). Then I’ll come back in an hour and it will say charging slowly (1 hr 15 min until full).

Is the stand defective? Why is my Google Pixel Stand charging slowly?

Do you have a case on it? Anything that sits between the phone and the stand will interfere with charging.

It has the Fabric Case made by Google, but that’s it.

The case is made of fabric to allow for wireless charging! Here are the potential answers.

  • If the stand is defective, I can send it back.
  • If the there’s a software issue, I can wait for Google to push an update.
  • If the product sucks, I want to know so I can mention it here.

While it’s incredibly annoying how inconsistent the wireless charging is, my main concern is that this could be a product design issue. In which case wireless charging isn’t particularly useful.

From this thread on Android Central it looks like heat may be causing the inconsistent wireless charging?

The thread is about how some cases my slow charging down, but here are the comments specifically about heat causing charging issues:


Unlike the induction cooker, the charging insidethe wireless charger are controlled by a microchip which will cut the charging off when the current is insufficient. If you try charging with the thick case, these are the reasons that could cause the slow charging:

  1. Heat. When the battery gets too hot, the controller cuts off the charging to prevent catastrophic failure.

  2. Some phone may have 3 states; wireless fast charge, normal charge, off. When you use a thick case and the current is insufficient, the wireless controller might reduce from fast charge to normal charge rather than off.

And this one.

Mike Dee

Originally Posted by scionluna

Ideally, you should remove the case from the phone before you charge the phone. Heat causes a battery longer to charge.

If it’s the average case removal is not generally necessary. Some cases may not disperse heat efficiently , however heat by itself does not cause a battery to take longer to charge. Heat is caused by losses due to resistance or by a high rate of charge due to the phone using draining by charging.

When the phone is hot does it charge slower? Does the fabric case make the phone hotter when charging?

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What about the charge percentage? Could the Pixel intentionally slow the charge at 80% or 90% to prevent damaging the battery?

It seems like most people will either have it on their nightstand or desk at work. In both scenarios the phone is going to be on the charging stand for a long time.

That’s interesting. My phone has been getting very hot while it was charging on the stand.

Part of that is because in addition to wireless charging, I’m teathering using the Pixel’s hotspot. I don’t have internet in my place right now, because Google Fiber hasn’t finished installing internet in my building.

Reducing features, like hotspot, that cause the phone to heat up faster seem to allow the phone to stay charging rapidly longer.

If I need to charge my phone quickly and use internet. I suppose I could just throw it in the fridge for a minute or two and then throw it back on the stand.

I’m going to mark this as the solution. :+1:


This is what I thought initially as well.

Maybe the Pixel switches to slow charging after 70% to prevent damaging the battery?

As you can see below, it sometimes charges rapidly up to 90% full.

I think @carriewald’s response solves the mystery. Heat is the determining factor.

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Hello, I also have the problem of the pixel stand charging slowly, but I never use the hotspot.

I’ve been searching all over google and reddit to find the answer, but this is the only thread that seems to have any sort of solution.

It could be heat, but what else causes the phone to heat up?

Where is your stand located? If it’s at your desk or nightstand, is it in direct sunlight?

It’s at my desk, but seems to be working normal now. Perhaps, Google pushed a software update that fixed the slow charging issue?

I got a pixel 3 yesterday and a Google stand. First stand …phone on stand for an hour. Said it was charging but after an hour the charge went down. Returned it. Got new stand thinking I got a defective first stand. Same thing on the 2nd one. Crap.

That’s odd. It even if the phone is charging slowly, it should be charging.

I wonder if it is the phone that is having an issue with the wireless charging? It would be incredibly rare to receive two defective stands.

@Patrick_Ray I think Carrie might be right here.

The phone isn’t charging at all? If you’ve had two stands fail to charge, then the issue may be with the phone not the stand.