Up to $200 off Casper Mattress with Promo Code

Casper, perhaps the most well-known internet mattress company, consistently has monthly promo codes. This is the post we keep up-to-date with the latest codes.

Use promo code FALLASLEEP and get:

  • $100 discount on the Original Casper Mattress
  • $200 discount on the Casper Wave Mattress

This discount should be good until 12/15/2019.

We’ll keep this thread updated in the event that anything changes. I’d also encourage you to check out the discussion on the best internet mattress.

Great thought! Thanks for sharing!

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If you notice that the deal or promo code has expired, please add the expired tag to alert other members of the community. If there is a discount elsewhere feel free to comment and we’ll update this topic.

@mrgeeze Updated your original post for Casper’s June sale.

That’s fine. Can I unsubscribe from notifications this post?

If you’re going to keep this updated, I don’t need to get a notification every time you make a change.

I believe muting this thread should solve your problem. Click the button below the post timeline to change your watch settings. The dropdown looks like this.

Thinking about it—I am unsure if muting will prevent notifications when an admin edits your post. If we update this topic again, I’ll just make myself the owner. That way you won’t get any emails about it.

Just updated the discount code added for August.

Updated again for the Fall. The new code should be good through mid-October.