Jarvis Standing Desk Shipping Problems (Issue Resolved)

The following covers a shipping problem I had with the Jarvis Standing Desk I ordered from Fully. To their credit, support was incredibly helpful and sent me a replacement as soon as possible. Below is a timeline of events covering the problem and resolution.

Shipping Issues

I was hoping to begin writing my review of the Jarvis Laminate Standing Desk tonight. Unfortunately, that won’t be the case. Instead I’m frustrated, writing a note about my experience with Fully’s Jarvis so far.

I was looking to upgrade from my IKEA BEKANT, which served me well for years. Several friends had purchased the Jarvis from Fully and had raving reviews—one had said it was the best purchase he’d made in the last year. Excitedly, I purchased the Jarvis after a ton of research. It seemed to hit the right balance between price and quality.

Unfortunately, this is what I found Friday afternoon.

Jarvis Desk Frame

The packaging for the desk frame was destroyed.

I am not sure if this is a shipping issue or a problem with Fully’s packaging. It is likely it was mishandled in transport, but the clean tears on the sides make me think that there is a flaw in the packaging process.

The good news is that I don’t think the frame was damaged. Also, after looking through the instruction manual, it doesn’t appear that any parts went missing. However, I won’t know for sure until it gets assembled—which brings me to the bigger problem.

Jarvis Top

Fully sends the Jarvis in two packages—one for the frame and one for the top. That’s a reasonable thing to do given the weight of the frame and the awkward size of the top. unlike the frame, the top’s packaging and delivery seemed to be fine.

Once I got all the pieces to my place I opened the package containing the top only to be disappointed once again. The top came with two side pads and only one corner pad. As you probably know, desks tend to have four corners. Not a good sign.

As I feared one of the corners that did not have a pad was damaged. As you can see, the laminate top here is separating from the rest of the desk. There are other things I found concerning though.

That smudge is a foot print.

There are actually a few on the top, this photo doesn’t do a good job of showing it, but it there are several foot prints on top of this desk. Not what I’d expect when spending a little over $900 on a desk and accessories.

I wish the bad news stopped here, but there is more.

The edges along the laminate have a ton of scrapes. If you enlarge this photo, you can see the dark scuffs along the side as well as places where the material along the side starts to come up.

It looks like this top was dragged across the floor. This type of damage is just unacceptable.

Next steps

While I understand that issues happen in transport, the issues with the top are concerning because it appears that the problems happened at Fully’s warehouse. Hopefully, this is just an anomaly. Few of my searches for “Jarvis desk problems” resulted in the experience above.

I’ve sent the following email to Fully’s support team with the pictures featured here:


Friday I received several packages for my Jarvis desk, Sidekick file cabinet and a couple of accessories (Order #XXXXXXXXXX). Unfortunately, my experience has not been great thus far.

The white laminate top for my Jarvis desk has a good amount of damage. Inside the box there were 2 side pads and only a single corner pad—I assume there should be 4?

  • The laminate top is separating from the rest of the desk in one corner.
  • Scrapes and other wear on the sides of the desk
  • Boot prints on top of the desk—this isn’t a huge deal. It could probably be wiped clean, but it gives the impression this top wasn’t particularly cared for.

Additionally, the box for the Jarvis frame was completely torn apart by the time it was delivered. Please see the attached image of the frame as it was delivered.

The good news is that I don’t think there are any parts for the frame missing—at least from my initial inventory. I have not tried assembling the desk considering the top is damaged.

I have high expectations based on reviews from friends and want to belive that this desk will work. I would like a new top sent to me—one that is packaged correctly. Please let me know what I need to do to begin that process.


I think the request for a new top is a reasonable. I will keep this thread updated with anything I hear back.

Hopefully, this can be rectified so I can write this review.

Update Oct 23, 2018

I am very impressed with Fully’s support. It is best to get things right the first time, but excellent support is the next best thing.

I sent the above email around 7 or 8pm last night. This morning I got an incredibly apologetic call from Jenna at Fully.

She mentioned that they would send a new top ASAP and that I would receive a follow-up email covering everything we talked about.

Hi Sam,

Jenna here with Fully. It was a pleasure speaking with you this morning. As promised, I am following up with an email to confirm what I went over with you on the phone. I apologize again that your laminate top arrived in poor condition.

I did place order XXXXXXXX for a new one that will be shipped out to you today. I’ve contacted our warehouse directly and requested that they inspect and add extra packaging to your desktop prior to shipping. This extent of shipping damage is uncommon with our tops, so I’m fairly certain that your replacement top won’t meet the same fate.

Once you’ve received the replacement, please go ahead and re-use or dispose of the damaged one at your discretion. If you know of any friends or family that won’t mind using that imperfect desktop, please feel free to direct them to our website where they can grab a Jarvis frame! Of course, if none of these options are possible, I can set up a return at no cost to you.

Speaking of frames, if you find that you have any missing or damaged pieces as we are more than happy to send replacement parts as necessary.

I’ll check in soon to see how things are going, but if you have any other trouble or questions before then, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Warm regards,

This might be the best support email I’ve ever received:

  • Reiterated everything we talked about on the phone.
  • Went the extra mile to ensure the warehouse double-checks the shipment
  • Gave me the option to do what I want with the damaged frame
  • I appreciate the slight upsell on a new frame at the end
  • Ensured that she will get back in touch to see how things are in the future.

Hopefully, this new top gets here without damage. I feel confident, but we’ll see.

Update October 25, 2018

Good news! The new top for the desk arrived.

The box was marked with fragile stickers and arrived in good shape.

As you can see this box has all four corner protectors as well as additional padding for the sides. There will be more to report in my official review.

Here’s a shot of the assembled desk—along with Fully’s Sidekick File Cabinet.

I’m considering a hook for my bag and something for cable management, but I am very happy with the desk so far!

Update October 26, 2018

Giving more credit where it’s due. Jenna followed-up as she said she would.

Hi Sam,

Jenna here with Fully. I just gave you a call, but wanted to follow up via email as well. I saw that your replacement desktop arrived to you and wanted to ensure that it arrived in great condition.

Additionally, on my end of the FedEx website, I’m showing that your Sidekick file cabinet hasn’t yet been delivered. My fingers are crossed that it’s a fluke on their site. However, if you indeed haven’t received it, please let me know so that we can get a replacement out to you as soon as possible.

I hope that you have everything you need to get your desk assembled. As always, if I can be of any further assistance or if you have any questions, I’m just a quick email or phone call away. You can reach me by phone at 888-508-3725. Please don’t be a stranger. I’m here to help!

Warm regards,

The file cabinet did, indeed, arrive and the desk is together. Good job Fully!

I think the shipping problem is resolved!

It’s a shame that this thing showed up damaged.

I purchased the Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk about 3 years ago and absolutely love it. After reading several reviews my main concern was wobble in the standing position, but that really hasn’t been an issue.

Another concern was the height—I’m about 6-foot-1 and was worried that the mid-height frames would be too short. I decided to purchase a set of wheels for the desk instead of the extended frame. I’ve had no issues. The desk can go a bit higher than my programmed standing hight,

Hopefully, the top was just a one-off packing issue at the Fully warehouse. I’m certain that you’ll love it once the shipping issues are sorted out.

I saw a bunch of good reviews on reddit and wirecutter and was thinking about getting a Jarvis to replace this table I bought from Target several years ago.

It seems like Fully’s support responded about as good as they could have, but it still makes me worried. My condo building doesn’t have an easy way to get rid of large furniture and what not. Plus the desks are really heavy. I’d hate to move something all the way up the stairs only to discover it was broken!