ROIDMI F8 Cordless Vacuum Review: An Excellent Dyson Alternative

I am impressed by the ROIDMI F8 Cordless Vacuum. Its powerful, has a long-lasting battery and is half the cost of the equivalent Dyson vacuums. If you're looking for a new vacuum, this is definitely one to consider.

I discovered the ROIDMI F8 through a designer that I follow on Instagram. She did a short review on it and I was impressed by the design and the build quality of the vacuum. After a few months of ownership, I can verify that this is an excellent product.

Interestingly, the product was originally funded via Indiegogo. It raised more than $600,000 from 2,200 backers. I think are a lot of people looking for the versitility of a Dyson stick vacuum, but want something more affordable.

ROIDMI F8 Cordless Vacuum

An excellent Dyson alternative

A versatile cordless stick vacuum with plenty of attachments and a long run-time.

Packaging and unboxing

Those of you who’ve read a lot of my Product Dork reviews know that I’m a sucker for good packaging. Here we have the box that the vacuum comes in. The simple, minimalist design seems very Apple-esque.

It’s obvious that is the same style they were going for once the box is open. It contains a few smaller boxes that are neatly packed into the cardboard.

The only misses are that Mattress Brush is spelled Mattres Brush. Also the Magnetic Wall Mount text goes to the end and should either wrap or be shortened to Wall Mount. Since this is a Chinese-designed product I’m assuming there is some sort of translation issue here.

It’s a small nit about an otherwise excellent product.

Product details

Two rollers are included in the ROIDMI Deluxe set. This one, which is better for carpets, and a soft roller for hardwood and concrete floors. Since my place has concrete flooring, I exclusively use the soft roller.

The build quality of the vacuum is very good. The attachments fit snuggly together and there’s a satisfying click when the pieces lock in place.

The dust bin easily ejects from the handheld part of the vacuum. There’s a filter at one end and an opening to empty the bin on the other. The only problem I’ve found is that the bin can be a little difficult to empty. It is almost more effective to take out the filter and empty it from that end.

This is the soft roller, which I use on my floors. It’s also nice that the head has an LED light that comes on when it’s dark. I’ve found it extremely helpful when vacuuming in dark corners of my condo.

The head of the vacuum pivots when the handle is turned. It’s a nice feature that ensures the head is always level.

The cons

OK, what don’t I like about this vacuum?

My biggest issue is that the deluxe set has a ton of parts and I don’t really know how to store them. Right now it’s sitting in my pantry in the box it came in. It’s not the most convenient thing, but I don’t know what to do otherwise. Where does everyone else keep their vacuum attachements?

The only other issue I have is that the dust bin is a little difficult to empty. I mentioned this earlier in the review, but I’ve been taking the filter out to empty the dust bin. Then again, I like cleaning it so its spotless. Most people probably aren’t as obsessive as I am.

The pros

This is probably the best value cordless stick vacuum you’re going to fine. Without any coupons or discounts this is significantly less than the Dyson V10, which is probably the closest comparable vacuum.

The run-time is listed for 55 minutes, which reflects my experience using it on normal power. That’s plenty of time to vacuum a large apartment—perhaps not enough for a house though.

The vacuum performs very well on hard floors (the kind I have). It picks up dust, crumbs and other things that my Eufy misses with ease.

Closing thoughts

This is an excellent value cordless stick vacuum and I would highly recommend it.

ROIDMI F8 Cordless Vacuum

An excellent Dyson alternative

A versatile cordless stick vacuum with plenty of attachments and a long run-time.

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Long-term notes

August 28, 2019: Vacuums Broken Glass

The vacuum came in handy when a glass exploded in my dishwasher. I got most of the large pieces up with a paper towel and used the ROIDMI on the remaining shards. Nobody has stepped on a glass splinter thus far.

July 22, 2019: Ordered the ROIDMI F8 from Amazon

After first seeing the vacuum on Instagram, I set up a price alert in CamelCamelCamel. The ROIDMI F8 went on sale in July and I decided to make a purchase.


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That’s a pretty attractive vacuum. FWIW, I’m not crazy about all the bright colors Dyson uses.

On another note, why did you make the long term notes hidden? I feel like those are pretty unique to your reviews and provide good insight. I’d consider organizing them like you did for the Airmega review.

I do think hiding the notes makes the review look a little cleaner. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll keep the first one expanded by default.